domingo, 16 de maio de 2010

To my Norwegian friends

One year that I was in Norway! My first plane trip, so far away, and I was only afraid of the plane, I did not knew that there was a possibility of being also afraid of something called Eyjafjallajökull :) However, for me, this is the meaning of courage: to face the fears. And I am sure that I would have met angels to protect me even from the volcano, as well as I have met angels in the mountains, in the boats and in other adventures.
In this 17th May, of course, I remember the Independence Day of Norway. The beautiful parades, the wonderful landscape and, especially, the lovely people I have knew. Great memories. I taste strawberries here, but they have not the same taste that the ones from Norway. Everything was so special and I really would like to say again how I am thankful and how that experience was important to my life.
I would like to write more things in English in my blogsite, but it is difficult to have time to produce in both languages. Writing in different languages is not only a question of translation, but a question of different ways to think and understand the world thru the words. And I still have to believe in my language and in my country - even sometimes opportunities are so difficult here. But this is the most especial thing: we are so close, even though the distance and the cultural differences.
I am thinking of you in this 17th May!
With love,
From Brasil

My Teddies make a party to Norway

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  1. Thank you, Èrica, for a nice blog,
    It was some wonderful hours together with you all, so please come back to visit, soon, despite of fear for many things. Life is so short, but still so wonderful, that fear must be overcome for joy to life.
    Hug from Kjell In Norway

  2. Dear Erika
    It`s so nice to hear that all is well with you. l have just read your blog, and l appreciated very much what you wrote. l`m pleased that you enjoyed your stay in Norway.
    Right now l`m at work to fetch flags and banners. We are going to join the 17 th. of May parade in Haugesund in just half an hour. The weather is nice although a little cold. Only 9 degrees. But it will be a nice parade with lots of happy children waving their flags. l`ll see if l can send you some pictures later on.
    Have to close here in order to get ready for the parade.
    Wish you all the best.
    Kind regards
    Odd Henning Johannessen

  3. Hello Érika,
    How very nice to hear from you again! I have read your blog (of course I only understand the english part), I liked it. Marie-Claire and I are visiting our friends in Hamburg, Germany after a very long and cold winter and much hard work.It is still cold, we had even snow last week!
    Kisses and hugs from Marie-Claire and Rutger

  4. It was a great article!!!!!! This year is was a bit cloudy in Bergen, but no rain! To day its sunny and i am on my way to Bergen on a meeting! Love from Rune

  5. That’s beautiful Érika!
    I agree, facing ones fears are sometimes life’s biggest hurdles! But once you face them it usually leads to wonderful rewards and good life experiences.
    The trip to Brazil gave us so many wonderful experiences, and we met so many beautiful and very brave people. You included! It has truly been a great inspiration which I am forever grateful for!
    Thank you so much for your 17th of May greetings on Facebook!
    I hope you are well and thriving!
    Hugs and kisses,

  6. Que gracinha prof!!
    Essa viagem deve ter sido muito especial, muito além da experiência profissional, não é mesmo? =)